Signing of MoU with Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology

Initiation of construction of low cost rural toilets using precast technology

Resource Partner, Rajeev Awaaz Yojna (RAY) project, Ministry of Human Resources Development

For surveying and topo marking of all the slums in and around Trichy, students and staff of the college surveyed as many as 100 slums in and around Trichy, created topological surveys of the surveyed landscape and uploaded them in the portal after scrutiny. The efforts of the students and the cooperation of the staff were highly appreciated by the Project Staff, Slum Clearance Board.

DSIR Project Centre

Every activity of the college is pivoted around the guiding principle, “Inspiring Innovation”, be it for staff or students. All through the year, the staff members are sponsored for design workshop held by leading institutions in order to stimulate their ‘out of the box’ thinking and be creative. The outcome of one such creative thinking is the design of a chalkboard duster cleaner which has been developed for the staff members. This design and the prototype hence developed has been selected for the prestigious grant of Rs. 75 lakhs by the Government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) under the Promoting Innovations in Individuals, Start-ups and MSMEs (PRISM) scheme

Vocational Training Provider status granted in 2013

Vocational Training Provider status granted in 2013 by the National Council of Vocational Training, Directorate General of Employment and Training, Govt. of India. Under this scheme, 50 students have attended and passed the vocational training exams in sectors allied to their field of study

The institution has become a member of the Canada India Institute Interaction Project, Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Tamil Nadu. Since 2013, 50 students have received the certificates in different value-added programmes such as ‘Traditional Machining Process’, ‘Quality Control in machining’, ‘CNC advanced programming’. All these courses are conducted with collaboration from the industry and the examinations are conducted by the respective industry, set to their standards.

Continuous training and orientation for technical paper presentation and model-making

Continuous training and orientation for technical paper presentation and model-making: The institution motivates and supports creative thinking among students and guides them to making models and presenting technical papers on their innovations. As a result of this, students create small models that serve as solutions to the local problems.

MHRD funded teacher training programme for Polytechnic teachers in and around Tiruchirappalli region

MHRD funded teacher training programme for ITI teachers,in and around Tiruchirappalli region

Training Partner, Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay, Mumbai