A day at JRPC is not a day of travel to the college by the college bus to sit in dull and lifeless classrooms. So what more??

A class room teaching blended with interaction, learning by doing. That is not all

Come Mondays and it is time for general assembly by the different classes on a rotation basis. The class that maintained the bulletin board gets a chance to organize the assembly in the forthcoming week. Competition strengthens week after week and the experience is from better to best- both for the organizing class and the rest.

Come Tuesdays and it is time for ‘one week, one school, one concept’. Every team gets a chance to reach out to the children of the rural, nearby schools luring them into the world of science through their simple technological innovative models, every other team gets a chance to organize an event and manage it.

Come Fridays of every alternate week, there is ISTE Students’ chapter activity ranging from student experts talk to student amateurs talk, invited talks and prototype demonstration by the creators to the rest of students.

Come Saturdays and it is time for club activity, where students belonging to the different clubs share their incubated ideas and go on as a team to create. Techno Club, Ham Club, Electrical spark club, gardening club are a few to name

Come any day and there is one hour of sports time. Students unwind the day-long academic activity with this hour of sports.

Call it a week…………

What are the colourful things in a semester?

Just the news of an intercollegiate technical symposium and JRPC is all set to create a mark – be it Sudoku, extempore, paper presentation, model making, chess or technical quiz.

Any technical workshop round the corner, JRPC’s enthusiastic participation is assured, be it the robotics workshop, total station, GPS survey, PCB design.

There is an Industrial Visit to a place, relevant to their curriculum that ranges from Mettur Dam to Suguna Industries, from Krishna Foundries to Salem Steel Plant, from Alundur Power Station to sewage treatment plant at Theni.

Every national festival is marked with an event that relates with the society be it Independence Day or Republic Day, a marathon is flagged off with a social cause.

Every other function starts with a tree planting session as a part of the ‘greener campus’ drive. The guests are invited with the cards designed by students and they are welcomed with floral bouquets indigenously designed by the students and some surprising models such as ‘water arch’, ‘a water rocket’ and ‘a wind mill’, all indigenously created by the students. Here, celebrations are always with a technical touch.

The sports Day is a real feat for the students and consistently, March Past is one of the best events of the day. Sports of national and international sports are blended with traditional sports of the state such as Kabaddi, Pallanguzhi, Adu Puliyattam

The college day is marked with showcasing of the different talents of the students ranging from creating lamp shades to gardening, from Karagam dance to Silambam show. Every college day is marked with a theme and competitions revolve around that theme. For 2013, it was ‘Inspiring innovation’

A Yoga camp, a cricket coaching session for the benefit of the hostel inmates are also done.

Community school-oriented programs such as ‘inter-school kabaddi’, model Exams at High school and higher Secondary levels are done so as to let students learn event management.

In the semester holidays

It is mandatory at JRPC to attend at least 2 In Plant trainings/Internships during their course of study. Students have attended In Plant Training and Internships at various companies & organizations such as ATI, Chennai, Gandhigram Rural University, Sri Energy Valves, HariHar alloys, PureTech India Ltd.

Makes us think – What more can life@JRPC be?