Giving to JRPC

Two thirds of the beneficiaries of JRPC pay the price for their education, supporting another one third who are either drop outs or could not continue studies due to the various economic reasons. Over the past 4 years, this organization has evolved, dedicating itself to its core values in teaching/ learning and commitment to societal/innovation initiatives. However, technical education at the diploma level is a partly solution to changing the face of rural youth and with the changing education profile, they are in need of an advanced training for sustained livelihood which are beyond the financial capacity of the JRPC model.

To support the cause of a wholesome and meaningful education, J R Endowment Fund (JREF) is set up and is all set to gust out of the boundaries of their social constraints by transforming attitudes of the youth through hands-on, interactive teaching-learning methods. JRPC’s model of self-sustaining, compassionate care to the rural youth remains at the core of JREF’s philosophy.

Contributions of sponsors/donors in money, time and expertise will continue to have a significant impact as it has had helped the institution to undertake many initiatives. These contributions are special because the institution can use them to fund important initiatives that do not have other funding options. The reasons for donating and the amount donated varies yet all contributions are a result of the shared belief that donations to JRPC are used for a noble purpose: A purpose that strengthens JRPC’s ability to be true to its motto ‘Renaissance through technical excellence’. The contributions from the public are routed through the J R Endowment Fund, which is currently being handled by the Administrative Office of JRPC.