Civil engineers design and maintain the massive infrastructure which today's society depends upon: roads, buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels, levees, sewer systems, and water treatment plants. Guiding the future of our infrastructure, Because Civil Engineers' primary client is society, we often must deal with the human impact of engineering, including social, moral, and legal issues.

Civil Engineering is an extremely diverse field with many areas of application. The subfields of civil engineering that students in the Diploma level are given are: Structural Engineering, infrastructure Management and Construction, Water Resources Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

About The Course

Civil Engineers are responsible for designing, constructing and operating a wide range of infrastructure projects, including major structures, highways, tunnels, bridges and water resources. This professional course develops a range of key technical and management skills to face challenges. The core and elective modules covers all of the major civil engineering disciplines to prepare you for a career where you can set your own targets and world-wide horizons. Every student also produces a group project, usually carried out with four or five other students. The group project involves the survey, planning, design, and estimation of any civil structure. You can look forward to gaining careers in all areas of the civil engineering industry, in both private and public sectors.

Special Features Well-equipped lab with modern Equipment such as Advanced Survey equipment, Total station and GPRS
Design of simple structures using plastics- bags and bottles
Elective subjects offered Softwares Package

AutoCAD, Stadd Pro, CAD R.C ,M.S.Project, Arc GIS MS-Office

Lab Facilities

The department has many well-equipped laboratories, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Strength of Materials Laboratory, Surveying Laboratory, Computer Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory, Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

Industrial Visits

The department visited: - Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu - Railway Coach Factory, Golden Rock