Department of English

This department handles the ‘Basic English’ course for all the first year diploma students and ‘communication skills’ laboratory for the Second/ Third year students as a part of their curriculum. Conduct and evaluation of the various soft skills/spoken English/communication skills for the certificate courses come under the ambit of this Department. The communications lab of this Department equipped with a LCD Projector, Audio/Video systems, Microphone, Speakers and head sets, is an all-time favourite destiny for all the students.

Faculty of this department involve students in multiple activities focussing on improving the basic communication skills. Storytelling, Just A Minute (JAM), Wrap-It-Around, Dumb Charades are some of the activities that the alumni feel has helped them, once they are out of the campus. This department is also engaged in writing inspirational ‘thoughts for the day’, ‘Facts board’ and anecdotes on every bulletin board/notice board.

Department of Mathematics

This Department handles the ‘Basic Mathematics’ course for the first year students of the Diploma students. Since the college is majorly rural-fed, usage of calculators is a nightmare for them. The Department of mathematics is actively involved in designing exercises for the usage of calculator and experience the power of it. These additional activities are done during the tutorial hours of the college. They also conduct bridge courses for coping with the lack of numeracy skills among the students. With their mentoring, students of the Teacher-In-The_Making (TIM) group have visited schools and given them experiential learning in teaching of high school geometry and algebra.

Department of Physics

This Department handles the ‘Basic Physics’ theory and practical course. Exploiting the power of practical knowledge imparted in the laboratory, faculty of this department are successful in teaching the theory subjects. Their efforts to reach out to the rural students through multiple intelligences class room to introduce the scientific words is an eye opener. They are also responsible for teaching the science concepts for the vocational training courses conducted by NCVT and CIICP. This is a unique feature of the courses offered at this institution.

Department of Chemistry

This Department handles the ‘Basic Chemistry’ theory and practical course. Indulging in vermicompost making, bio briquettes production are some novel areas through which this the faculty of this department are reaching out to the adjoining rural villages. This is apart from making chalks and phenols for our domestic consumption.