JRPC’s guiding principles

He envisioned JRPC to offer world class technical education at the diploma level to rural students. It strives for technical excellence by ensuring a trinity of superlatives: Learning Environment, Faculty and Training & Placement.

1. Student centric teaching

In his 45 long years of observation of students’ learning, Dr.RCJ (as the Founder is known in the technical education field), was pained to see that the bits and pieces of information available in print/ electronic medium are transferred to students’ minds mechanically. These bits of information are being reproduced almost verbatim in exams and conveniently forgotten thereafter. Hence, he structured class room teaching at JRPC so as to create a paradigm shift from processing information to creating knowledge and go beyond examinations.

2. Nurturing brilliance and creativity

In line with the Founder’s philosophy, today every activity of the college pivots around a noble cause- “Stimulate proactiveness and creativity in learning”. An ardent believer of being optimistic and passionate with students, giving punishments are unheard of, in this campus. He believed that there are many experimenting minds, which belong to the less educated and rural rungs; yet they have come up with outstanding solutions to specific problems. If supported a little, a lot can be accomplished by recognizing small achievements of theirs. Towards encouraging independent thinking and giving space for each student to pursue his dream in a rightful way is the reason behind the keen interest in participation beyond books.

3. Fostering multi-dimensional growth

A basket of activities ranging from technical design to sports, from cultural to social activities are blended into every day’s curriculum. While the academic curriculum forms a large part of the experience at JRPC, it also offers a number of extracurricular activities that students are encouraged to participate in. This ensures that students get an all-round education and are not confined to academic achievements alone.

Each activity has been designed and implemented earnestly and enthusiastically by a good team of staff who invest their time, talent and even their sweat for the students’ welfare and all-round growth. When students are given the right ambience to learn, think and act accordingly and they are nurtured suitably, an all-round transformation will be visible in the ways they carry themselves, the founder advocated.

The JRPC experience will be a Stimulating environment for intellectual development and skill building for both its young teachers and students. Owing to this right ambience, the college has recorded a steady and impressive academic performance since its inception. The effects of these grooming efforts can visibly be seen with every student in the college. Enviably for all the contemporary Polytechnics, the impact of the technical skills so created, nurtured and pruned within the campus is so profound that the students have been winning accolades in almost all the Contests – be it Paper Presentation/Technical Model Making. An achievement, indeed, for an institution in its infancy!