Genesis of J R Polytechnic College

Dr.R.C.JanakaRajan - the man whose name adorns the name of the college today is an academician turned administrator, with expertise in technical education for a span of 45 years. Institutions from NIT, Trichy to IIT Madras, from the present-day-Kalasalingam University to Anna University flourished with his administrative prodigal ideas. Wherever he served, this immaculate visionary’s passion towards technical education grew spiralling. With an enviable academic legacy and heritage, he envisioned an Institution run by academicians who had the passion for technical education. The purpose of such an institution, he felt, should benefit the rural public as he himself hailed from a rural village. His observation that most of the rural children dread education beyond tenth standard and do not have the means to equip themselves technically, reinforced the thought of providing world class technical education in a rural area.

He envisioned this institution to impart technical skills and thus transform the adjoining rural area, creating a technical talent pool of rural youth, ready to be absorbed by industries or to start one in the rural area. This, he thought would foster upcoming of industries in every rural village and hence control migration of the skilled Indian youngsters in search of livelihood elsewhere. As a first step towards realizing it, he envisioned a Polytechnic College in a rural area.

To transform his vision into reality, the search for a suitable land for his dream institution began. The thought of a cultivable land transforming into a college was not acceptable to him and hence he chose the present site of the college where the ground is rocky and unfit for cultivation. Thus, in 2010, was born J.R.Polytechnic College in Alundur, one of the most remote villages of Tamil Nadu, a village in the semi-arid region of Manikandam Union of Sri Rangam Constituency of Tiruchirappalli. The campus is 750 metres off the Trichy-ViraliMalai NH and 12 kms away from Trichy.

He amalgamated his lifelong experiences from different technical higher level institutions and tailor made them to suit this rural polytechnic, fully understanding the needs of the industry while being empathetic to the rural scenario. Such was his wisdom and commitment to the purpose, that within the campus, one can sense the aura of this deep- rooted passion in every activity he designed.